Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leaving in a deluge


Top drawing: windscreen deluge. Bottom drawing: above the virga clouds, above Greenland.

We left our Hurstpierpoint at 7.30 am GMT, in pouring rain, oh so wet. Upon arrival at Gatwick airport we found out we were delayed due to an emergency 747 incident the previous day.

Leaving 1.5 hours late, the pilot did gain a bit of time on the 10 hour + flight, but we of course missed our St. George Shuttle and finally got home at 10 pm MT, that's 5 am GMT. Having been kindly picked up by our friends Hal and Teresa. Phew a long journey.

Got to do a little bit of drawing, twixt dinner, movie and sleep! There is only so much sitting you can do.

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