Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Ring of Fire - eclipse May 20th 2012

As we live a short distance from the ideal place to watch the Annular Solar Eclipse (Kannaraville, just North west of us) and Virgin was still in a good line for watching it Steve & I decided yesterday to gather a few people at home to watch this spectacular event (through the special specs of course). Food based on rings of fire, and circles came and eaten, a fine time had by all. Here are some drawings and photos...

Drawings through the 'Xray-Specs'...

The sequence
The Ring of Fire
As the sun set behind Pine Mountain.

People photos from my iPad

And sun photos by Steve....

It was way cool, but did not get as dark or cold as expected, but I believe that is with a full eclipse and not just an Annular one.

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