Thursday, July 12, 2012

Escaping the heat

Clouds remembered on our way down from Dry Lakes Road on the way down the mountain to Summit.

Building storm clouds from the camp site at Yankee Meadows.

Tumbling water in the Bowery Creek.

Glamping in our AirStream up in Dixie Forest, east of Parowan. With good friends the Wrankle family and then visiting with Sue Cotter and Spike Reis in Parowan. Got out of the heat, chilled with fine wine and beer and finally got some ideas cooking to get creative. Life is sweet.

Although Steve hurt his hand and cracked his head on the way back did a fantastic job in helping me get my ideas under way, thank you!

I am using the super pink walker in the rough nature terrain to give me sturdiness and the confidence I lack, it was good to be back in nature.

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