Thursday, September 6, 2012

Altocumulus Undulatus in the morning...

Screens are off the east windows, as now the Easterly sunrise is no longer intensely heating the concrete and warming the house so much it is harder to keep the house cool in the 100 plus temperatures, September is here and the gradual cooling off has begun. As the days shorten we begin the cycle of (and eventually need) the mornings rays to heat our home, this next month or so we are in the ambient equinox period, inside and out, less fuel to cool and no heat needed, yet.

We now have our free range beautiful view back from our beds. I can now see the sunrise in the morning (as above) and the amazing sky at night pass over our home. This week, we saw an intense Milky Way, before the waning moon had risen, and I was woke yesterday by the brightest Venus, despite the moon then being up. What a place.

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