Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Communication Unplugged.

Opening this week at the Canyon Community Center, Springdale:

I entered my reconfigured art piece,
Mixed media, comprising, used envelopes, cotton thread and wax. 25x9x30"
In 2007 I sent a request for friends and family send me envelopes through the mail, they too could invite their friends, eventually accumulating enough envelopes I put them together as a 'quilt' that ended up as an installation called 'BED POST'. That piece was displayed during the Open Studios of 2008, and the work has sat in a box since then. Michelle Larsen Bonner reminded me of it and that maybe I could do something with it for this community show. Several weeks later I finished it August 31st.
It is a large envelope, to all Humankind, with a letter expressing a quote from John Ralston Saul, a Canadian writer and current President for The Pen International,
" Any means of communication that can be unplugged cannot be independent ".


If you go I hope you enjoy the show.

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