Monday, January 11, 2016

New techniques and new work

Working on new ways of working with collage, learnt last Fall at SUU, with a weekend course taught by Jonathan Talbot. Using the techniques to push my imagination over the border twixt realism and a more loose and intuitive way of working. Looking to work up larger than life portraits, starting with a very small business card sized Polaroid, for basic shape and expression. I then enlarge that up and having great fun with color and hand made papers and reusing old ephemera, my drawings and sketches for texture...

The first portrait... Not perfect but learnt a lot in the making of.

Below 4 small square random collages, with narratives of their own to tell.

More in the making, come by at the weekend and see what's going on.

Winter Sun Rays
Morning Breathe
Above the tree line

Buena Vista Brownsville