Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sugar and spice... At the ABC Exhibit at the Braithwaite gallery at SUU

In response to and sits on 'CAKE STAND & LID' made by Michelle Larsen Bonner
Mixed media Art book, Papier mâché Cake stand & Lid
12x12.5x12.5" 2010-11
Will be on display as part of the exhibit
ABC: Assemblage, Book Art and Collage
Curated by Jonathan Talbot, Sue Cotter and Deborah Snider.
Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery
351 W University BLVD, Cedar City, UT 84720
September 10th through November 7th 2015.
Cake Stand with Lid, closed
Sugar and Spice Art Book closed on Cake Stand.
When closed the 'SUGAR AND SPICE' Book Art appears to be a thick slice of cake.
Materials in the book used include paper, wood,and found objects.
Materials used in the stand is papier-mâché made with recycled dressmaking pattern tissue.
Sugar and Spice Art Book open and expanded to 18 'portions', on the open Cake Stand, with lid off.
Sugar and Spice Art Book open, on open Cake Stand with a few card inserts.
Within each cake portion is a removable two-sided card collage, embellished with memories of being a British female growing up in the '60's and '70's in South London, England and depicting some of the influential women and female related experiences through out my life.
Card colłage details front and back.
I am hoping you may be able to attend the Preview Reception on September 9th, 5-8 pm.
Here are the details of, the special openings and associated lectures and workshops at SUU:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Communication Unplugged.

Opening this week at the Canyon Community Center, Springdale:

I entered my reconfigured art piece,
Mixed media, comprising, used envelopes, cotton thread and wax. 25x9x30"
In 2007 I sent a request for friends and family send me envelopes through the mail, they too could invite their friends, eventually accumulating enough envelopes I put them together as a 'quilt' that ended up as an installation called 'BED POST'. That piece was displayed during the Open Studios of 2008, and the work has sat in a box since then. Michelle Larsen Bonner reminded me of it and that maybe I could do something with it for this community show. Several weeks later I finished it August 31st.
It is a large envelope, to all Humankind, with a letter expressing a quote from John Ralston Saul, a Canadian writer and current President for The Pen International,
" Any means of communication that can be unplugged cannot be independent ".


If you go I hope you enjoy the show.