Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hawk action

 So I come back into the house and in the shade right outside the big window is some kind of hawk sat on top of our new small fruitless mulberry tree. It looked right at me as I carefully got the iPad to take a picture... Difficult to know what kind it was as it was dark feathered, closed up and in the shade. Of course this ain't no innocent budgie... We have recently seen plenty of 'nature' at its most active with hawks buzzing the smaller birds and cooing doves, but great to watch if you can keep your eye on the action as it all moves so fast, then moves else where. Last summer we would be hanging out on the corner patio early evening, enjoying the end of the day, when several times a hawk has shot past our heads aiming for our neighbors bird table at a 45* angle to our house. Lots of squawks, feathers and movement follow, I have yet to see it succeed, but that's nature.

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