Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skies unlimited

This is an early forage into drawing skies on the iPad. I am still deciding what notation I will do and how. Handwriting with ones pinky was a challenge, and I do have a compass on board for the orientation of the view. I also now have a stylus.

Last year I completed an installation project called '365 West', where I drew on a postcard, the westerly sky at 3pm every day for 1 year, wherever I was in the world.

I miss that daily discipline and my iPad sky drawings are an attempt to continue that.

When we moved down stream away from the majestic and tall cliffs of Zion Canyon, the skies opened up. Here in Virgin the visual palette through our windows is ever changing and the expansion felt is both physical and spiritual. My broken leg accident curled up my psyche and emotions like a tight shell. The healing process I am going through, I hope will enable that expansion to continue to unfurl.

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